VAN brings a new energy, new jobs and an exciting future to the northwest region of Tasmania, and enjoys strong support from the local community.

Indigenous Heritage

VDL Farms has many significant Aboriginal cultural heritage sites on its farms. The former Van Diemen’s Land Co – now VDL Farms – is understood to have been the first private Tasmanian company to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with the local Aboriginal communities on Aboriginal access and the conservation of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

This carefully considered program is being implemented under a planned series of steps to progressively improve cultural understanding and management and cultural heritage protection. 

VAN Milk is committed to working with the Aboriginal community and to honouring the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding.


VAN is a valued employer and contributor to our community. Our community is proud to see pure milk from one of the cleanest places on Earth exported to the world.


Van Diemen's Land Co. Woolnorth

Employer of Choice

At VAN Milk, we aim to be an employer of choice by providing a safe and healthy place in which to work for each of our workers, along with secure employment, good working conditions and training for exciting career paths. The health, safety and happiness of our employees is our number one priority.