VAN Dairy Annual Awards Night

VAN Dairy aspires to achieve the highest quality across all aspects of its operations, but here at VAN, we realise that without the endeavour of our employees within our organisation we would be unable to achieve the production of pure VAN milk. To recognise the hard work and commitment of our employees, VAN Dairy recently hosted its first annual awards night to celebrate the shared success of VAN Dairy and the special contributions from employees.


Award Winners:
Erin Quarrell (Newlands Farm): Best Work Health & Safety Award
Jade Moore & Robert Scott (The Gums): Best Reporting Award
Jerrod Smith (The Park): Best Environment Award
Tameka & John Gardner (Robbins): Best Teamwork Award
Vince Moodie (Talawa): Best Reproductive Performance Award
David and Christine Walter (Farnham Farm): Overall Farm Performance Award, Highest Farm Profitability Award, Lowest Cost of Production Award
Josh and Jess Gray (Blackwood farm): Highest Milk Quality Award


A huge congratulations and thank you to all the award winners for their hard work and dedication.